Adding everything

It is true that we need money to survie in ‘this world’. 

But my Master in the One who took money from a fish’s mouth and paid His taxes. 

Seek first the Kingdom of God. Rest everything shall be added. Added to meet your needs on this Earth on the right time. 

But not for your greed.


I am going

I am planning to go.If I go, I will not return.

From this place I am no more needed.

From this place where no one needs to be relied on me.

From this place where my presence or absence doesn’t make any difference.

From this place where my absence means nothing.

From this place I am less understood.

From this place I understand less.

To any place I do not need to be understood

To any place I do not need to understand.

To live like I belong to none.

To live like none belong to me.

To die somewhere.

To die some time.

To die some how.

To join the Earth.

To join the Heaven.

Only if I am invited.


once I decided to write a prayer.

it took pages.

then i decided to short it down.

it took ages.

finally i briefed it to ‘I love you God’.

instantly i realised how naked that lie was.

i turned it to the cream.

‘God loves me’.

it reminded me of the Word

‘God loved us first’.